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The face + story behind the posts

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Hello! Hi... My name is Martyna. Most people say I'm the BUDGET QUEEN 👑 I think I'm a Thrifty Millennial.


I paid off $30k debt in 9 months on a $68k wage.


I am here to share my 15 years of budgeting wisdom, saving hacks and money mindfulness tips with you to help you do the same.  

​The hard realisation I was spiralling out of control.

When I was in my mid-twenties I ended up heavily in debt - $30,000 worth of it. One day I received a call from debt collectors chasing me for payment - this was my kick up the butt and a huge wake-up moment. I needed to do something, and I wanted to do it fast.

I started to budget

I looked at every dollar coming in and going out. My focus? Finding money and prioritising debt payments. But also finding clever ways I could still enjoy life - daily lattes, hanging out with my friends - while I threw extra money at debt. 

I built my first budget spreadsheet

Using Excel I built my first budget spreadsheet that helped me establish my starting position and help me reach my goal FAST. It covered all of my income and all my expenses. I have been using updated version since. 

Budgeting ACTUALLY GIVES ME FREEDOM to enjoy life without the fear of overspending. 

Was it scary?

Heck yes it was! If you are reading this I am sure you know the *gulp* feeling. But here is the thing doing nothing about it would not change my situation. It would only make everything worse. 

And I haven't looked back since!

It's been 15 years and I still budget saving $15k-$20k a year on a single income. I enjoy regular holidays with my daughter (single Mum here), go out with friends, and have a healthy emergency fund - all on an average income. No credit card - all paid for with cash flow and nifty hacks. Living life without stress over finances!

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