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How Decluttering Changed My Life

Decluttering your home - of unused belongings and "things" has many benefits - and the most important ones relate to your mental health AND budgeting. Now and into the future. Keep reading to find out how.


If you've been feeling stressed out or bogged down lately, it might be time to declutter your home. Decluttering is more than just getting rid of some stuff—it's a way to tidy up your living space and clear your mind. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the benefits of decluttering your home.


1. Mental health benefits of decluttering

We'll start with the less obvious one. Decluttering helps reduce stress and anxiety. FACT.

My Mum has this saying that your life is as organised as your wardrobe. It might sound funny or weird, but whenever I tidy up my wardrobe I feel BETTER, more energised, and focussed.

When your home is cluttered, it can be hard to relax and unwind. All that stuff lying around can be overwhelming and make it difficult to focus too. Especially true if you're working from home.

By decluttering your home, you can reduce stress and anxiety, create a more relaxing environment and feel energised to accomplish more things in other areas of your life.

2. More money in your pocket now AND in the future

A cluttered home is often an indication of poor spending habits.

No judgment here, I've been there. In many ways I still am - being a food stylist means I have A LOT of props that I declutter often.

Decluttering has two benefits: you can make money by decluttering; selling unwanted items online. But also it helps you save money in the long run as you become more mindful of the value of things not just in money terms but also a number of uses (yes those clothes with tags still attached, I am looking at you).

So yes, when you declutter, you can get rid of items you don't need or no longer use. Sell them online to make extra money, and you become more mindful of spending money on future purchases that might just become clutter.

3. Improved physical health

Believe it or not, but a cluttered home can also lead to poorer physical health.

Not only is it difficult to clean a cluttered house - it might even be too overwhelming to know where to start. All that stuff can also attract dust, mould, and other allergens that can trigger respiratory problems or other health issues.

By decluttering your home, you're jumping into action and moving about, too.

Getting rid of clutter can create a healthier environment for yourself and your family. Plus space to exercise, run around and jump!


As part of my EASYBUDGET.TODAY BUDGETING + DEBT PAY-OFF COURSE I actually include a 30-Day Declutter Challenge to help you declutter areas in your home one at a time and provide tips on what to do with the things you find - throw, donate and even sell - and how to do it successfully, to help you reach your financial goals faster!

4. More time for things you enjoy

A cluttered home can take up a lot of time and energy to maintain.

Not only do you have to spend time cleaning and organizing all that stuff, but you also have to waste time looking for things when they're not where they're supposed to be.

By decluttering your home, you can free up time to do more of the things you love.

5. Improved relationships and a calmer environment

Clutter can cause problems in our relationships. No, seriously.

When we're constantly arguing with our spouses or children about picking up after themselves, it takes a toll on our and their emotional well-being. Looking for things constantly? Anxiety over cleaning it all?

But by decluttering our homes, we can reduce the number of petty reasons for nagging and improve our overall connection with our loved ones.

6. No more hearing "Muuuummmm, I'm bored!"

Children often suffer from the clutter boredom paradox.

This is when they have too many options, and overwhelmed with the choice they give up on the idea of free play altogether.

Take time with your child(ren) to go through their rooms or toys in the playroom and declutter. Rotating toys is also a great way to limit clutter risk and increase free play.


Something to think about

Do you think it might be time to clear some clutter at your place? If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff in your house, consider getting rid of some of it!

I wonder what gems you'll uncover. You might just find that it makes a world of difference in your life - mentally and money-wise.