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How To Stop Overspending During Sales Season With This One Question

Sales can be so enticing. I mean who doesn't love a good Sales Season, Black Friday or Boxing Day sale. There are bargains to be had and bagging something at half price is AMAZING. Until it... blows a hole in your budget and you're stuck with a financial hangover.

Don't get me wrong, I am a self-professed BARGAIN QUEEN and I used to add everything to cart when those markdowns were on. This is partially how and why I ended up $30k in debt.

Those sales are tempting!

But have you noticed how fashion, toys, and even homeware trends are updated every few months to get you buying more and more and more things?

Sales are designed to clear out the old stock and get you to spend more money than you originally intended, both on the sale stuff now and on new season arrivals! Consumerism at its finest that leads to overspending and debt.

What happens then is that you end up with tonnes of clutter that you have spent good money on, that's now worthless or close to it.


It's actually pretty simple. Yup. Consider your needs vs wants.

You only need to ask yourself one question:

“Do I REALLY need this?"

If the answer is Yes...

because your TV stopped working, or your summer sandals have fallen apart and you need a new pair) then by all means go for it and get them. On sale? Even better.

If the answer is Maybe...

because you want a bigger TV or a better picture quality on it (my TV is 10 years old by the way and works just fine). Go away and think about it for a day or so. Consider your options and see if you can get it elsewhere cheaper. Think if this is really a need or more of a want. If the answer is yes, get it but think also about the COST PER USE.

What I mean by that is that if you already have 10 pairs of sneakers, how often will you wear this extra pair?

If the answer is No...

Then walk away. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you'll be saving money. Quite the opposite, you will be spending money on something you don't ACTUALLY need.

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